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Bahnhof Hotel Aus offers various day tours and an unforgettable “Sundowner Drive”.

Impressions of Roter Kamm Tour – Tsau/Khaeb Park

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The village was formerly the site of a prisoner-of-war camp established by the South African forces in 1915 to house German soldiers captured during the First World War. The inmates initially lived in tents but later built clay- brick houses. The number of prisoners initially reached 1500, but after all the volunteer soldiers were sent home, their numbers in the camp remained at 1200. In May 1919 all the soldiers were repatriated and the camp was closed. A plaque marks the site today and it is demarcated as a historical heritage site.
To the west of Aus the Wild Horses of the Namib are living in the harsh desert environment for over a hundred years. They can be seen at the Garub hide, a man-made drinking trough some 25 km`s from Aus.